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How to Increase Your Sound Quality when Recording.

There are lots of reasons someone might choose to narrate their own e-learning course verses hiring a professional voice over talent. i.e. budget, time constraint, even a lack of awareness on who/how/where to hire someone. Here are 3 big tips I have to increase your sound quality if for whatever reason you choose to narrate a course in-house.


1. Get a good quality microphone. I personally like this USB mic and it is priced reasonably:


2. Work on sound proofing your space as much as possible. I recommend this acoustic foam:


3. Think about who are you talking to in your course. Is it HR professionals? Is it a training or compliance video? Should it be read in a conversational tone or a more formal tone? If you think about WHO you are speaking to, you will read better! And don’t think about the masses, but think about who that one person might be that will be sitting down to take your course and talk to them!


Any questions? Feel free to shoot me an email at:

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